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KDS's product lineup on main applications

Crystal Resonators

MHz Band Crystal Resonators: Used in high-frequency applications such as wireless communication and networking. These resonators are known for their precision and stability.

kHz Band Crystal Resonators: Commonly used in clocks, timers, and low-frequency applications. They offer low power consumption and reliable performance.

SMD Crystal Resonators with Temperature Sensors: Surface-mount devices that integrate temperature sensors, providing enhanced accuracy in varying thermal environments.

Automotive Crystal Resonators: Designed to meet the rigorous standards of the automotive industry, offering high reliability and performance under extreme conditions​ 

Crystal Oscillators

High-Precision Crystal Oscillators (OCXO): Offer excellent frequency stability for applications requiring high precision, such as telecommunications and GPS systems

kHz Band Crystal Oscillators: Used in low-frequency applications, providing accurate timing solutions with low power consumption

Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXO): Allow frequency adjustment via voltage changes, used in applications like phase-locked loops and frequency modulation

Automotive Crystal Oscillators: Built to withstand harsh automotive environments, these oscillators ensure reliable performance and longevity​

Monolithic Crystal Filters

These filters are used for signal processing in communication devices, providing precise frequency selection and signal clarity. They are integral in applications where noise reduction and signal integrity are crucial​.

MEMS Oscillators

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Oscillators: Offer high performance and reliability, with advantages like robustness to environmental changes and miniaturization. These are used in a variety of electronic devices, from smartphones to industrial equipment​


Product Lineup

 "A diverse range of products including crystal resonators, crystal oscillators, monolithic crystal filters, and optical quartz products."

High-Precision and Reliability

 "These oscillators are critical in applications requiring precise timing, such as GPS systems and telecommunications infrastructure."

Automotive-Grade Components

"Crystal resonators and oscillators specifically designed for automotive applications. These components are built to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of automotive."
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