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LRC's product lineup on main applications


Schottky Diodes:

Features: Low forward voltage drop, fast switching speed.
Applications: Power rectification, clamping circuits, RF applications.

Switching Diodes:

Features: High-speed switching capabilities.
Applications: Digital circuits, signal processing.

Zener Diodes:

Features: Stable voltage regulation.
Applications: Voltage regulation, protection circuits.

Rectifier Diodes:

Features: Efficient power conversion.
Applications: AC to DC conversion in power supplies.


General-Purpose Transistors:

Applications: Amplification, switching.
Power Transistors:

Applications: High power applications, motor control.



Low Voltage MOSFETs:
Applications: Power management, switching regulators.
Medium and High Voltage MOSFETs:
Applications: Industrial power supplies, automotive electronics.

ESD Protection Devices

Features: Protect sensitive electronic components from electrostatic discharge.
Applications: Consumer electronics, communication devices.

Integrated Circuits (ICs)

Features: Various functions such as amplification, regulation, and control.
Applications: Broad range of electronic applications including consumer electronics, industrial systems, and automotive electronics.

Global Reach and Customer Support

"With a strong global presence, LRC ensures robust customer support and timely delivery of products, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust."

Automotive-Grade Components

"LRC provides components that meet the stringent requirements of the automotive industry, ensuring high reliability and performance under extreme conditions."

Comprehensive Product Range

"LRC offers a wide variety of diodes, transistors, MOSFETs, and ICs, catering to diverse applications across different industries."
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