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ETEK's product lineup on major applications


OVP Switch

Applications:Protects devices such as smartphones and laptops from voltage spikes.
Details: Provide reliable protection against overvoltage events, ensuring the safety of electronic circuits.

LDOs (Low Dropout Regulators)

Applications: Amplification, signal processing, power regulation. (Provides stable voltage supply in vehicle electronics)
Details: Low Voltage Operation, High PSRR, Low Noise: Minimal output noise, ensuring stable performance.


Applications: Powers devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 
Details:Optimized for low power loss during voltage conversion. (Wide Input Voltage Range: Suitable for various applications with differing power requirements.)

Hall Switch

Applications: Utilized in vehicles for detecting proximity and movement.
Details: Detects magnetic fields to provide precise switching. Operates effectively across various voltage levels.


Applications: Industrial Lighting, Suitable for energy-efficient industrial LED applications.
Details: Compact and easy to integrate into different lighting systems. Ensures low power consumption and prolonged device lifespan. Growing use in smart lighting solutions and energy-efficient systems.

High Efficiency

“Products designed to minimize power loss and enhance performance."

Compact Design

"Space-saving components suitable for modern electronics."


“Robust components ensuring long-term durability and stable operation.”
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