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KEC's product lineup on major applications


Diodes & Rectifiers

Fast Recovery Rectifiers: Ideal for high-speed switching applications.
Protection Diodes: Effective for protecting ICs and systems from ESD and voltage spikes.
Schottky Barrier Diodes: Provide low forward voltage and fast switching capabilities.
Switching Diodes and Zener Diodes: Used for general rectification and voltage regulation, respectively.
SiC Schottky Diodes: High efficiency and performance, suitable for high-voltage applications like EV charging.


Bipolar Transistors: Including general-purpose, digital (BRTs), complex, and Darlington transistors.
IGBTs and MOSFETs: For high voltage and low voltage applications, offering efficient switching and power handling capabilities.

ICs (Integrated Circuits)

Amplifiers & Comparators: Operational Amplifiers and Comparators: Used in signal processing and various analog functions.

Power Management: AC/DC Converters, Linear Regulators, and DC/DC Switcher ICs: Essential for power conversion and regulation in electronic circuits.
Gate Drivers, PWM Controllers, and CMOS Reset ICs: Support various power management tasks ensuring efficient power delivery and control.

Wide Range

“A broad selection of transistors and ICs, catering to various applications from power management to signal amplification."


"Such as protection diodes and Zener diodes, provide robust performance under stringent conditions"

High Efficiency

“High-quality standards and continuous innovation, providing products that meet stringent industry requirements and evolving technological demands.”
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