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Wire-wound Metal Power Inductors [LSAN]

Metal Power Inductors (MCOIL)

[Power Inductor]

Size (LxW) : 2.0x1.6 - 2.5x2.0

Thickness(max) : 1 - 1.2

Rated_Current(max)[A] : 0.95 - 3.5
Inductance : 0.24uH - 4.7uH


Wire-wound Metal Power Inductors MCOIL™ LSAN series for General Electronic Equipment]


Use of metallic magnetic materials which has excellent DC bias characteristic

[Main Applications]

Suitable for an anti-noise measure on the power supply
circuit of smartphone, tablet PC, various communication equipments and etc.


The MCOIL™ Metal Power Inductors offer high efficiency and low heat generation, making them ideal for use in high-density and high-current applications. They are available in a range of sizes and inductance values to meet the specific needs of different power supply cir