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Wire-wound Metal Power Inductors [LMDN]

Metal Power Inductors (MCOIL)

Size (LxW) : 2.0x2.0 - 4.0x4.0

Thickness(max) : 1 - 2

Rated_Current(max)[A] : 0.63 - 7.3
Inductance : 0.3uH - 10uH


The Metal Power Inductors by Taiyo Yuden are designed to provide high performance and reliability with excellent temperature stability. They offer low resistance and high saturation current, making them ideal for use in power supply circuits. With compact size and high energy storage capacity, these inductors are perfect for meeting the demands of modern electronic devices. Choose Taiyo Yuden Metal Power Inductors for your next project and experience outstanding performance and durability. DreamChip is proud to be a distributor of these high-quality components.

Wire-wound Metal Power Inductors [LMDN]


    (Previous Part Number : MDKK2020TR47MM8)


    Status Mass Production (Preferred)
    Inductance 0.47 uH ± 20 %
    Case Size (mm) 2.0x2.0
    Rated Current (max) 2.2 A
    Saturation Current (max) 3.5 A (⊿L=30%)
    Saturation Current (typ) 4.15 A (⊿L=30%)
    Temperature Rise Current (max) 2.2 A (⊿T=40℃)
    Temperature Rise Current (typ) 2.5 A (⊿T=40℃)
    DC Resistance (max) 46 mΩ
    DC Resistance (typ) 40 mΩ
    Absolute Maximum Voltage 20 V
    Operating Temp. Range -40 to +125 ℃
    (Including-self-generated heat)
    Temperature characteristic
    (Inductance change)
    ± 10 %
    Dimension L 2.0 ±0.15 mm
    Dimension W 2.0 ±0.15 mm
    Dimension H Max 1.0 mm
    Dimension e 0.5 ±0.2 mm
    Dimension f 1.25 ±0.2 mm
    Measuring Frequency 1 MHz
    RoHS Compliance (10 subst.) Yes
    REACH Compliance (235 subst.) Yes
    IEC62474 (Ver. D26.00) Compliance Yes
    Halogen Free Yes
    Soldering Reflow
    Standard Quantity Taping Embossed 2500pcs
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