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Wire-wound Ferrite Power Inductors [LSXBH10050]

Metal Power Inductors (MCOIL)

[Power Inductor]

Size (LxW) : 10.0x9.8

Thickness(max) : 5

Rated_Current(max)[A] : 0.8 - 9.0
Inductance : 1.3uH - 220uH



Wire-wound Ferrite Power Inductors LSXBH10050 for General Electronic Equipment]


SMD inductor
Low Rdc and high current
Magnetic shield structure

[Main Applications]

Power supply circuits / DC-DC converters in a variety of applications such
as PDP TV, LCD TV, HDD, PC, etc.



DreamChip, a leading Taiyo Yuden distributor, proudly offers the MCOIL™ Metal Power Inductors. These components are designed to enhance the performance of power supply circuits in compact mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The metallic magnetic materials used in these inductors are optimized for choke coils, resulting in improved efficiency and reliability. With their compact size and exceptional performance, MCOIL™ is the ideal choice for manufacturers looking to design cutting-edge mobile devices that deliver superior power management. Trust DreamChip to provide you with the highest-quality Taiyo Yuden components for your electronic projects.

Wire-wound Ferrite Power Inductors [LSXBH10050]

  • LSXBH10050HL1R3N

    (Previous Part Number : NR10050T1R3N)


    Status Mass Production (Preferred)
    Inductance 1.3 uH ± 30 %
    Case Size (mm) 10.0x9.8
    Rated Current (max) 9 A
    Saturation Current (max) 11 A (⊿L=30%)
    Temperature Rise Current (max) 9 A (⊿T=40℃)
    DC Resistance (max) 8.84 mΩ
    DC Resistance (typ) 6.8 mΩ
    Self Resonant Frequency (min) 53 MHz
    Operating Temp. Range -25 to +105 ℃
    (Including-self-generated heat)
    Temperature characteristic
    (Inductance change)
    ± 20 %
    Dimension L 10.0 ±0.3 mm
    Dimension W 9.8 ±0.5 mm
    Dimension H Max 5.0 mm
    Dimension a Typ 4.0 mm
    Dimension b Typ 1.75 mm
    Measuring Frequency 100 kHz
    RoHS Compliance (10 subst.) Yes
    REACH Compliance (235 subst.) Yes
    IEC62474 (Ver. D26.00) Compliance Yes(*)
    Soldering Reflow
    Standard Quantity Taping Embossed 500pcs
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