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Multilayer Metal Power Inductors [LMCN]

Metal Power Inductors (MCOIL)

Size (LxW) : 1.6x0.8 - 2.0x1.25

Thickness(max) : 1

Rated_Current(max)[A] : 2.6 - 4.8
Inductance : 0.24uH - 1uH


DreamChip, a Taiyo Yuden distributor, offers MCOIL™ Metal Power Inductors for power supply circuits in compact mobile devices. These inductors use metallic magnetic materials that are optimized for use in choke coils, ensuring reliable and efficient performance. Designed for use in smartphones and tablet PCs, these components are essential in meeting the demands of smaller, thinner, and more feature-rich devices. Choose DreamChip for high-quality and versatile MCOIL™ Metal Power Inductors.

Multilayer Metal Power Inductors [LMCN]