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M.L. Ceramic Capacitors (Soft Termination)


Size (LxW) : 1.6x0.8 - 4.5x3.2

Thickness (typ) : 0.8 - 2.5

Rated Voltage [Vdc] : 6.3 - 1000.0
Capacitance : 1000pF - 47uF


DreamChip, as a Taiyo Yuden Distributor, is proud to offer these innovative multilayer ceramic capacitors to our customers. These components are a vital part of producing top-quality electronic devices, and Taiyo Yuden's lineup provides exceptional performance and reliability. With options for small size, low profile, high capacitance value, and more, these capacitors are perfect for a wide range of applications. Trust DreamChip to provide you with the best in multilayer ceramic capacitors from Taiyo Yuden.

M.L. Ceramic Capacitors (Soft Termination)