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M.L. Ceramic Capacitors(Medium-Hi-Volt.)


Size (LxW) : 1.0x0.5 - 4.5x3.2

Thickness (typ) : 0.5 - 2.5

Rated Voltage [Vdc] : 100.0 - 2000.0
Capacitance : 220pF - 4.7uF


Multilayer ceramic capacitors are crucial components in the creation of high-performance electronic devices, and DreamChip is proud to offer TAIYO YUDEN's extensive lineup of top-quality products. With their small size and low profile, these capacitors are perfect for use in miniature electronics. Additionally, TAIYO YUDEN's high-capacitance offerings provide superior performance, and their commitment to reliability ensures that customers can trust these products to perform as intended. From materials to production, TAIYO YUDEN's dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of their multilayer ceramic capacitor lineup.

M.L. Ceramic Capacitors(Medium-Hi-Volt.)