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LW Reversal Low ESL MLCC (LWDC™)


Size (LxW) : 0.52x1.0 - 1.25x2.0

Thickness (typ) : 0.3 - 0.85

Rated Voltage [Vdc] : 2.5 - 25.0
Capacitance : 0.1uF - 22uF


DreamChip, as a distributor of TAIYO YUDEN products, understands the importance of multilayer ceramic capacitors in the creation of electronic devices. These capacitors are crucial in achieving high performance and miniaturization. TAIYO YUDEN offers a wide range of small-sized, low-profile, high-capacitance, and reliable multilayer ceramic capacitors. With their commitment to quality materials and production, TAIYO YUDEN capacitors are the go-to choice for electronics manufacturers. DreamChip is proud to offer these high-quality capacitors to their customers.

LW Reversal Low ESL MLCC (LWDC™)